Areas of Benalmadena

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Which Area?

We describe the different areas in Benalmadena and what you will find in each of these in relation to activities, facilties and urbanisation of Villas and apartments which you may find where there are attractive villas and apartments for sale.


Benalmadena can be divided into three main areas, these are as follows:

  • Benalmadena Pueblo
  • Arroyo de la Miel
  • Benalmadena Costa


Benalmadena Pueblo

The Pueblo is ideal place for those who like a real community feel which is typical of an Andalucian village. The centre of the pueblo is really composed of village townhouses with little parking, no terraces and no community pools.  Most of the urbanisations with parking, pool etc are located a little further out from the centre but apartments complexes which may offer good apartments for sale will include, Balcones de Benalmadena, Pueblo Jacaranda or townhouses for sale could be found in Las Moriscas (mainly 3 bed townhouses) or Benalvista (2 bed townhouses).  All these complexes offer Community pools and gardens and some parking, they are in my opinion the best located complexes for a holiday home closest to Benalmadena Pueblo.  If you are however looking for a Villa for sale in Benalmadena Pueblo then you may fing the following Urbanisations close to Benalmadena Pueblo: Rancho Domingo, La Vista, Casablanca and of course the Pueblo itself.  The area of La Capellania and El Higueron are sometimes categorised by some agents as Benalmadena Pueblo but are really about a 25 minute walk away.  The villas for sale in either of these Urbanisation tend to be fairly from the 80’s onwards but there are quite a number that were recently built.

Arroyo de la Miel

This area is below and East of Benalmadena Pueblo.  It can really be regarded at the “Town Centre” of Benalmadena with its high streets and good sense of residence and shopping activity ALL YEAR round.  There is also a useful Train station on the main high street.  The trains tend to run every half hour and stops include Malaga Centre , the Airport and Fuengirola amongst many aother stops in between. The downside of property hunting in Arroyo de la Miel is that the property here tends to be quite old and therefore many apartments located close to centre may not have community pools and/or be a bit dated. Nevertheless its a good place to live given that the beach is not that far and shops/restaurants galore in this immediate vicinty. If you are looking for a Villa for sale in Arroyo de la Miel…..Good luck!  there tend to be very few villas located close to Arroyo de la Miel Centre!  However, you may find the Urbanisations of Veracruz, Monte Alto and Santangelo good options for a Villa.


Benalmadena Costa

Benalmadena Costa is referred to generally by most as the whole coastline of Benalmadena.  However, when you see some properties described as Benalmadena Costa by some agencies it doesnt neccesarily mean that it is walking distance to the beach, so please take this with a pinch of salt!  I always like to give my clients a good description of Benalmadena Costa, dividng it into different areas.  The apartments for sale in Benalmadena Costa can vary in price dramatically depending on the area.  Here are the main areas of Benalmadena Costa:

Central Areas (Close to Amenities (walking distance) etc)

  • Puertomarina
  • Paloma Park
  • Palm Tree Avenue
  • Torrequebrada (lower)

Distant from Central Main Amenities (not practical walking distance)

  • Nueva Torrequebrada (lower)
  • Torremuelle
  • La Perla
  • Carvajal

Villas for Sale in Benalmadena Costa tend to be located closer to Puertomarina or in the the area directly above Palm tree avenue.  An exclusive area of luxury villas with some for sale in the area of Torrequebrada.  Other villas on sale can also be found in Torremuelle, La Perla and just above Carvajal in Torremar.

If you are unsure of which area suites you best please drop us an email or comment and we will be happy to help.





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