The Property -What to look for

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The Property (What to look for)

Once you find the property (use this Search Facility if you havent found the right properety yet), be sure to visit at different times of the day, this way you will have more of an idea of noise levels at different parts of day as well as natural light levels.

Humidity levels and rain fall may be quite intense on some winter days, so make sure you use your sense of smell for damp and check behind furniture and around windows and ceilings for any signs of damp. Some of these problems are easily resolved or just superficial but if in doubt please seek the expertise of an Architect who could carry out a building survey for a few hundred euros.

Ask your lawyer to translate the description of the Nota Simple.  The Nota Simple is a document which can be ordered online by any profesional agent, lawyer or bank.  It provides a description of the property and its regsitered metres as well as details of owners and if there are any mortages, loans or embargos pending on the property.  By asking your lawyer to translate this document you will be able to easily ascertain if there are any anomalies with the description.

Be sure to ask for the community charges amd what they include, also the latest agm mintues and the regulations in the community.  Also, ask the proof of council rates known as IBI or IBIU.   This is particularly useful and provides an abundance of information on the property.  Your lawyer or agent will be able to determine the “fiscal value” of the property.  This value is of important significance because if it is greater than the purchase value, the tax authority will normally send you a bill for the ITP purchase tax on the difference plus interest!

If the property is realtively new (usually less than 10 years) then be sure to ask for a copy of the First Occupation License. This license confirms that the build complies with the requirements of the townhall and that the build is finalised as a legal building, ready for occupation.  Without this license, it is quite likely that there are legal issues with the property. Some of these issues may be quite petty but in some cases serious, please check with your lawyer.

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