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About PropertyBenalmadena®




About PropertyBenalmadena®

Benalmadena Property Sales Specialists Since 2004

About Owner

As you may have observed, my name reflects my Spanish heritage, given that both of my parents are Spanish. Interestingly, I was born in London, United Kingdom. Despite my initial aspirations in Science/Medicine and not achieving the desired grades, I pursued higher education, obtaining a degree in Physiology BSc(Honours) and an MSc in Forensic Science from Kings College London.

Subsequently, I had the privilege of working at Guys and St Thomas´ National Poisons Unit, where my career flourished as a Registered Clinical Scientist & Senior Forensic Toxicologist. I specialized in investigating suspected intoxications in clinical and forensic cases, providing comprehensive reports to hospitals, HM Coroners, and law enforcement agencies, among others. My primary research focus was on SSRI´s, SNRI´s, and cyanide analysis in post-mortem cases.

Daniel Martinez at National Poisons Unit Clinical and Forensic toxicology

About Property Benalmadena

Thanks for reading this section on PropertyBenalmadena® which is owned by my company (Dani Martinez Property Group S.L). The character and values of PropertyBenalmadena® directly reflect my personality and professionlism which im very happy today to say is recognised by many of my clients.

Before i describe the company, i think its best to describe my background as this forms the backbone in fundamental principles which i have always respected.

About Owner Continued

After a decade of service and declining the opportunity for a PhD, I made a bold decision to relocate to Malaga, Spain. This move marked a significant shift in my career trajectory. In Malaga, I joined the real estate sector and received training, particularly focusing on the Costa del Sol, with a specific emphasis on Benalmadena. Simultaneously, fueled by my interest in law, I worked part-time at a reputable law office, gaining valuable insights into real estate law.

In my profession, the unusual thing is that i dont think of myself as a sales person, I do however enjoy being with people, passing them my knowledge about Benalmadena, properties and real estate law, helping them to make a right decision. Much of my business is based on recommendations, this is why i decided to specialise in one area, as the years go by, a good reputation grows stronger and recommendations become very common! (Below are some of my clients comments)

Should our paths cross, I look forward to welcoming you into this community, whether you choose to become a homeowner or simply opt for a holiday retreat! Hope to see you soon.

Please read our various authentic reviews on Google and Facebook provided by our clients either on the buying or selling side. PropertyBenalmadena® also has a Youtube channel which you may enjoy or find useful

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We are here to help! To give you the correct information so that you make the right choice. Please feel free to ask us anything you like about Benalmádena. Whether, its a holiday home or a permanent residence, these factors are important so that we can guide you towards making a decision that is right for you. Our aim is for you to be within our community of Benalmádena and be satisfied with our reputable service and help us grow even stronger, through our close knitted community of Benalmádena. We hope to see you soon

No matter what your question is, please ask us, because we are here to help and provide useful, honest advise to help you make the right decision


Ask us about any community, area, we are local to Benalmádena and will answer your questions with satisfaction.

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Benalmadena Property Sales Specialists Since 2004

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